Chris and Kristie got married

Formula for a happy marriage? It\’s the same as living in California…when you find a fault, don\’t dwell on it.

The beauty of modern technology June 2, 2007

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So as the big day edges closer, Chris and I have been trying to figure out a way to include those of you not able to join us physically on the beach in Mexico.

I think we found the solution. Enter uStreamTV. We have been playing with the technology here in San Francisco, and are working on getting connectivity while South of the Border so we can video the festivities. If we can make that happen, we will be streaming live, which means you can be there, watching the very moment we officially strap on the old ball and chain and I turn over my crown as I will no longer be the Queen of the Spinsters Club.

So, watch this site…if we can get it working we will announce it here.

We are also doing some ‘old fashioned’ things and will be videotaping the ceremony and taking photos as well. All of it will be posted once we are back, so you will have a few options to follow along. That is, if you so desire.


The proposal November 24, 2006

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Huey asked - Kiki said yes (November 2005)
November 24, 2005. Negril, Jamaica.


I will give this to Chris. The boy can keep a secret.

The details:

We were in Jamaica for Chris and Jenn’s wedding – enjoying a week long vacation at Couples Swept Away filled with amazing food, sunshine and fun times with some of our dearest friends.

The trip fell over the Thanksgiving holiday, and that Thursday night the entire group (all 26 of us) found ourselves at The Palms chowing on fish, duck and fried plantains – watching the transformation of the restaurant into a disco right before our very eyes. As the lights dimmed, and the rum punch flowed – we were ready to get our groove on.

And groove we did.

Half way through the night someone started one of those ‘dance circles’. You know the kind. You form a circle on the dance floor and watch as one or two people go in the middle and dance like they have never danced before. The circle this evening was pretty big and consisted of most of our party, plus another 50-60 or so of the hotel guests who seemed to find our group fairly entertaining.

Though he was standing next to me not but a minute ago, I realize Chris is now across the circle from me, smiling like a Cheshire cat and signaling for me to meet him in the middle. ‘Oh no’, I say with my creative hand signals as though I am not shy about embarassing myself in public, the music they were playing at the time was simply not moving my feet enough to get down. Then Hot, Hot, Hot came on. Not normally a favorite dance song for me, but inside clicked. So I look across the floor at my consort, his hips shaking and his hands gesturing for me to join him, so into the middle I went.

Next thing I know, I am being swirled around so hard that I ended up back in the crowds. Dizzy, laughing, wanting to get back in there with him – I turn around only to find him down on one knee, smiling even wider than before as he holds a ring in the air.

Then come the words I never expected to hear…

‘Will you marry me?’

Holy crap. Confused, buzzed, electrified, and thinking it all a joke (some history here, I had tried to propose to him the night before – sort of as part of a dare)…I walk up, punch him in the shoulder (hard) and say lovingly…’what the %&*# are you doing?’

Then I looked down and realized it is not just ANY ring, it is his grandmother’s ring. The one she wore proudly for 53 years before she passed on. The love of his grandfather’s life. A woman Chris thought/still thinks the world of. And he is presenting her ring to me. Shit. This is for real.

Realizing I needed to act quickly (and nicely)…I hold his face in my hands and while kissing, laughing, and then hugging – I said ‘yes’.

Then of course all hell breakes loose. Hugging him. Hugging friends. Kissing him. Kissing friends. Champagne corks popping. People toasting. Everybody in that room celebrating our love (and the cojones of my boy).

Now, mind you, no one there knew he was going to propose. Thankfully, some of our friends were quick to react with their cameras so some of the moments are available to share with you. Wow. Chris English even got a great shot of THE exact moment. Thank you CE, I will be in debt to you forever.

The night was truly amazing. The moment itself. Having our friends there. Getting photos too. Makes me smile thinking back to it still.

The wierd part too is the song it all happened to. Not one of my favorites (or wasn’t before anyway), but something made it all happen then – to Hot, Hot, Hot. And when I did a little research and read the actual lyrics, I realized it really was meant to be. That place. That night. That song.

As Buster Poindexter so eloquently says:

Me mind on fire, me soul on fire
Feelin’ hot hot hot
Party people, all around me
Feelin’ hot hot hot

Oh what to do, on a night like this
Music’s sweet, I can’t resist
We need, a party song
A fun, Jamaican jam

So we can boom boom boom boom
Yeah arroom boom boom boom

See people rockin’ yeah people chantin’
Feelin’ hot hot hot
Keep up the spirit come on let’s do it
Feelin’ hot hot hot

It’s in the air, celebration time
Music’s sweet, captivate your mind
We have, this party song
This fun, Jamaican jam
So we can boom boom boom boom
Yeah arroom boom boom boom

Feelin’ hot hot hot
Feelin’ hot hot hot

Looking at those words – several pop out at me which I highlighted as they really hit home and capture that night. Chris and I have been on this incredible journey, and as I think about the 50+ years we have ahead of us, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him in my life. And of course, how lucky he is too. Don’t get me wrong…he is an amazing man, but I am not bad either.

Oh. And happy one year ‘engagement’ baby.


‘Match’ made in heaven…well, online at least. October 28, 2006

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Yep. Chris and I are kids. And it all started with a wink. A simple feature in that allowed Chris to signal he liked my profile, giving me the opportunity to wink back or simply ignore it. I remembering reading his profile and wanting to pick up the phone immediately. The words he chose to explain who he is and what he hoped for in life were exquisite, and his goals seemed completely in line with mine. Ok, it didn’t hurt he was easy on the eyes too. So, I winked back.

I think there was one or two emails between us that same day and then a phone call next. We chatted for an hour, and then decided to go to dinner (sushi) at a little hole in the wall in Pacifica (where he lived). I can’t explain it, but deep down I must have known Chris was ‘the one’ as I did something I had not ever done before on a first date. I brought him a gift. It wasn’t anything expensive, but I wanted to set myself apart from the other girls. So I gave him a Magic 8 Ball. Why a Magic 8 Ball you ask? I don’t know. I was looking for something goofy. Something I bet no one else would ever bring him. I also had one when I was little and remember the fun my friends and I had asking the 8 ball a question and seeing what answer it gives you. So I thought, why not? And you what? It worked. To this day, he still teases me about that gift – but he is still the proud owner of it! 😉

So back to our first date. Sushi dinner. Pacifica. After two hours conversing over sake and California rolls, we realized we weren’t quite ready to end the date and decided, on a whim, to go see a movie (Lost in Translation). Now, this is not the normal thing to do on a first date as movies tend to inhibit conversation. But it felt right. And it was cool to be able to sit in the dark with him by my side and not feel like we had to talk. Wierd, but I think our subconcious was telling us we had years ahead of us to chat. So anyway, five hours after I presented Chris with the Magic 8 ball, I said goodnight. That was October 1, 2003.

We both had trips to New York planned (separate weeks) and several other commitments (dates) we had to keep before we could meet up, so it was a month before we saw each other again. My birthday had just passed, so Chris offered to take me out to celebrate so we headed over to Jesters for dinner and then ended up at Jillians for a little game of pool (which he preceeded to kick my ass in). Though I tried to fight it, by the end of that second date I was smitten. Take me out of the dating pool, I no longer wish to swim. Now, I will admit it took my boy a while longer to realize he was meant to be with me (I think he held out until on our 5th or 6th date), and it happened when it did as a friend was pointing out how amazing I was (thanks Livio!). But that is neither here nor there. It was fairly quick for both of us.

Within four months, we were talking about living together and by our six month anniversary, I had sold my condo and moved into his beach house in Pacifica. Two months later we found ourselves packing again and moving into the San Francisco flat we now call home. A whirlwind of activity in a short amount of time, but all steps we were taking to build a life together.

Two years living ‘in sin’ (as my mom likes to say) leads into our engagement, but I will save that for another post as this is already longer than I expected. I just wanted to provide you with a little background of how we came to be.  There is a lot to tell in the story of Chris and Kristie, so buckle in and (hopefully) enjoy this ride of ours.