Chris and Kristie got married

Formula for a happy marriage? It\’s the same as living in California…when you find a fault, don\’t dwell on it.

Canada’s finest export: Our photographer June 14, 2007

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I am so very excited that Kris Krug has agreed to photograph the Wells:Heuer festivities.

Kris has an amazing eye with a true gift of capturing the energy of his subjects. I understand he is also very good at Photoshop, so I working with him to make sure I am airbrushed down a bit to a size 2 if possible. I know, I know. He is a photographer – not a magician. πŸ™‚

Seriously, we are so very lucky to have him there with us not simply as our photographer, but as our friend.Β  Thanks buddy.


The girls are going to look smokin’ May 10, 2007

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Bridesmaid dress

I want to be one of my bridesmaids. I really do. I am so in love with their dress that I want to be standing next to them, wearing it too. Which, just might have to be an option, as I have yet to find a bridal gown and the wedding is just under two months away. Ok, good karma – good karma.


This dress is absolutely beautiful and it looks smashing on all three of my girls. Best of all? It is a lovely silk floral print dress they can really wear again. Not like some of the neon-colored taffeta monstrosities I have been forced to wear as a bridesmaid. No. This dress is meant to be worn more than once. Out in daylight even. Throw on some flats and you can go shopping in it. A pair of kitten heels and you have yourself a cute party dress. High heels and this frock will take you to a nice restaurant. Yes folks…this one is a keeper.

Just like my three bridesmaids. All keepers.

Watch out Mexico. Hot mamas en route.


The countdown May 7, 2007

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Wedding invitations are finally out the door! April 27, 2007

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Heuer-Wells wedding invitation

Wow – who would have thought a simple thing like a wedding invitation would have taken three months to complete? Guess that is what happens when you combine a Martha Stewart wanna be who really has no creative sense (Kristie) with a designer (Chris) who doesn’t have much free time in his schedule, but insists on doing it himself.

Lord. We really are a match made in heaven. πŸ™‚

It only took 20 trips to Michael’s, 10 trips to Flax, 5 or more to PaperSource, and a couple hours sitting on Chris to play in Photoshop – but we finally have the wedding invitation design done. Woot!

Now with the help of Kinko’s, Dick, mom, and the USPS – they were printed, assembled and then mailed out this morning. Double woot!

And I must say, I am so glad these friggin things are done.

In hindsight, I realized it was actually a lot more work than I expected and/or planned for. And while parts of it were fun, for the most part – I found myself, more times than not, frustrated and upset I couldn’t come up with the ‘perfect design’. We were so focused on blending the laid back beach theme with an upscale/elegant look while trying to spend less than $4 per invite, that I think Chris and I made it a lot harder on ourselves than it needed to be.

We actually ended up spending about $6 per invite, weeks worth of man hours researching designs and paper products, and in the end, there really isn’t much beach theme to it. Oh well.

I absolutely love the design – so I guess it all works out in the long run.Β  I would just say to future brides – find a photo of an invitation you love and hire someone else to do the leg work.Β  Focus your time and energy on things you are good at.Β  Being Martha Stewart is not for me.Β  πŸ™‚


I’d like placesettings for 28 please. April 2, 2007

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Or as Borat would say…NOT.

We would, first, like to thank you all for sharing our wedding with us. Without the love and support of our friends and family, we would not be the people we are today. So in a nut shell – yes – it is YOUR fault we are the way we are. πŸ™‚

When Chris and I moved in together (no comments mom), we realized that between us we had four sets of silverware, two toaster ovens, and a life-time supply of glassware. So in the early planning stages of our wedding, we knew a traditional registry was not for us and an agreement was made to minimize the β€˜stuff’ factor.

So, in lieu of traditional gifts and a barrage of ‘stuff’, we decided to register at Honeyluna and build a honeymoon registry instead – knowing the memories and experiences from our younger days will be cherished more so later on in life than a fancy tea set (especially as Kristie has a habit of breaking things, so the tea set would not last long in our household anyway). Ha!

So where are we going on said honeymoon you ask? We are headed South of the Border to Mexico. The Riviera Maya to be exact. We will be getting married here as well, spending 10 days in a place of white (ok beige) sand beaches, warm water, amazing food, and interesting culture.

We hope that our family and friends will celebrate us by helping us realize a dream honeymoon that we will reminisce about for the rest of our lives together.

Of course, gift cards from Target are cool too…


Meet the girls in my posse January 20, 2007

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When Chris proposed (gosh, was it really 14 months ago?), there was never any doubt who I would ask to be my bridesmaids. How, when, and where to ask them was up in the air – but never the who.

I have known these girls a combined total of 75 years (one for 36, one for 26 and one for 14). We have shared a lot of laughter. We’ve shed a few tears. We’ve protected each other’s secrets. We’ve helped each other in matters of the heart. We have danced. We’ve sang. We’ve kicked each other in the ass when needed (sometimes really hard). And while things have changed, things have also stayed the same. I wake up every morning knowing I can call them at any time, for any reason, and they will be there for me.

They are, and forever will be, my best friends.

So as I said before, there was never any doubt who I wanted standing next to me when I say ‘I do’ to the future Mr. Wells. And I am proud to now present to the world, my bridemaids:

Joy ‘DICK’ Wells. April Jones. Jennifer Marcacci English.

My bridesmaids


Who are these beautiful creatures you ask?

DICK – My baby sister. My cheering section. My confidant. We can play cards for hours without uttering a word to each other which some might think odd, but I find truly amazing as we have the ability to just ‘be’ with each other. She is one of the most creative people I know and can pick up a paint brush or a drill bit and make something extraordinary with it. I love that I can tell her anything and she won’t be shocked (wait, is that a good thing? Ha!). She calls me DICK, and I know she says it with love. She is also willing to risk everything she owns to follow her dreams and that makes me very proud to be her sister.

Jones – Where to begin? I have known this girl for what seems like my entire life.Β  The first time she stepped into our house I knew we would be inseparable, and I was right. In fact, if it weren’t for the 2-1/2 year age difference, I would swear we were separated at birth. I love this girl as she knows my dark side (heck, she even contributed to it) and still answers my calls. No judgments from this one. She is also the most amazing role model when it comes to parenting. Gosh. If the kids Chris wishes to have (the boy wants four – I think he needs a younger fiancee, but whatever I am digressing here) turn out even 1/8 as good as Jones’ did – I would consider it a job well done. This woman is remarkable in so many ways.

Jenn – This girl is goodness through and through. She is truly an angel on my shoulder, and no one deserves the title ‘Bride 07 Campaign Manager’ more than Jenn (thank you again, btw, for traveling the world with me to find the right location). From the minute we made our ‘prison break’ out of Pacifica I knew Jenn was a keeper. I mean, how many people do you know that would help you move 300 shoe boxes without bitching? Well, 352 to be exact. I love her honesty, especially as she delivers it with tact. Usually. πŸ˜‰Β  I never have to worry about her getting upset when I want to listen to the same song 10 times in a row as she would be right there hitting the repeat button with me. And I love knowing when she’s listening to me, she really is, and not just waiting for her turn to talk. That is tough to do, but Jenn is a rock star because she can do it, and does.

My girls will be by my side, making sure I don’t have lipstick on my teeth and the back of my dress is not stuck in my pantyhose. I also know these three love me enough to try and catch me should my knees buckle half way through the ceremony, so to them I promise to lose a little weight before the wedding so as not to break your backs. Just in case.

So there you go. My ladies. It pleases me to no end they are my posse.


Melody and Dale get the gold star. September 14, 2006

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Big props to mom and dad for being the first to commit to the craziness that is sure to be had in Mexico when Chris and I say our “I do’s” next July.

It was funny, I was on the phone with mom last week just to catch up – and mentioned I saw that they had locked in their reservation. She laughed and said ‘well, I figured if something happens and you and Chris don’t end up getting married…at least dad and I will have a nice 40th wedding anniversary celebration’.

Thanks mom. Your confidence in me is overwhelming. πŸ™‚