Chris and Kristie got married

Formula for a happy marriage? It\’s the same as living in California…when you find a fault, don\’t dwell on it.

We love you so much, we set up a travel agent to make it easier for you… August 11, 2006

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Chris and I have set up a travel agent who would be happy to assist you with all of your arrangements. Her contact information is below:

Susan Berman
Berman Travel
Toll Free: 1-866-934-6292

Reference: Wells/Heuer wedding

The beauty of using Berman Travel is Chris and I will be able to keep track of your itineraries easily, and can make sure our group is well taken care of. She is also able to shave a couple of dollars off the nightly rates for each room category which is great. Now, some of you might already have a travel agent you like to use. By all means – please do. Just do me a favor and shoot me a copy of your itinerary once locked in. Knowing when everyone plans to arrive/depart will assist me when planning extracurricular activities.

ACCOMODATIONS – The resort does tend to sell out, so we are encouraging everyone to book the accomodations now to ensure a bed has your name on it. The room rates vary depending on the category, with suites coming in at $164/per person per night and the regular casitas are $290/per person per night. You can go crazy and get a swim up casita for $345/per person per night if you want to ‘live large’ like P. Diddy. Please keep in mind these rates are PER PERSON/PER NIGHT – but cover all meals, drinks and 99% of the resort activities (spa services are extra). There will be a teeny tiny deposit required to hold the room, but nothing that should make anyone squirm.

AIRFARE – I would wait a bit on the airfare as the rates seem to be a bit high (no worries, they WILL come down) – unless there is a really good rate now – then go ahead and lock it in. We did estimates from San Francisco, Miami, New York, and DC a while back and found an average of $325 R/T for each person.

TRAVEL INSURANCE – We also recommend buying travel insurance. I usually don’t (kind of crazy girl I am), but the weather has been so crazy as of late it is better to be safe than sorry and you can cancel the trip up to the night before if needed. Of course, we hope that won’t happen or there will one really pissed off bride-to-be running loose in San Francisco.

If you have any questions, please shoot me an email at kristiewells [at] gmail [dot] com or giveme a ring on the cell phone 415.577.9022.



Vamanos a Mexico

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Yes folks. It has happened. It only took us three months, but Chris and I have finally secured a destination for our destination wedding. YAHOO!


Nestled on a lovely strip of white beach inbetween Cancun and Playa del Carmen is the ‘little’ resort El Dorado Royale. I say ‘little’ as it is actually a lot bigger than I was originally looking for, but after closer review we noticed it had all the elements we wanted in our destination:

(1) Resort – all inclusive. Plethera of food, drinks, and activities without you ever needing to take your wallet out of the safe. There is also a spa for those moments you truly wish to pamper yourself. One thing of note – this is an adult only resort which I know is good for some, but could be inconvenient for others. It was a tough decision as we tried to get everything on our wish list – but realized that was impossible so we had to make compromises.

(2) Accomodations – Main resort has lovely ‘reasonably priced’ rooms. There are also individual bungalows (casitas) available for those who wish to live like P. Diddy for a day (or seven).

(3) Location – most everyone can get there on a direct flight with others not having more than one layover. It is also just 30 minutes to Cancun and 15 minutes to Cozumel / Playa del Carmen so we can take road trips if everyone felt the need to leave the resort for a day.

If you would like to find out more about the resort, please visit their website at:

We hope to see you there!


47 weeks, 2 days and counting…

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We are officially in countdown mode. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Chris and I will be saying ‘I do’ on 07/07/07.

This day is symbolic for us for a couple of reasons, but instead of getting into it here again, you can read the details on my personal blog.

We have put this site together as your main source of information for all things relating to us tying the knot, and invite you to join us on this journey which I am sure will be filled with many laughs, a few tears and some things that may make you scratch your head. But that is the beauty of us. Never a dull moment. 🙂

Right now the website looks ugly. We promise to fix that.

There is not much information here. We promise to fix that too.

In the midst of launching two startups, managing a couple of consulting gigs and trying to figure out how to get Chris to work harder so I can stay home and tend the garden (oh, wait…that is just me trying to figure that one out, anyway)…we just wanted to give you an easy spot to obtain information now and we will work on glamming it up shortly.

I hate to say it as it is just so corny…but I truly believe ‘the best is yet to come’.